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New release! Endgame, Vol I - 1/19/2017

We are proud to announce Endgame, Vol I, an anthology of short fiction and flash fiction showcasing the talent of faculty and students in the Interactive Media program at Becker College, Worcester, MA (rated 5th in the world for Game Design degrees by the Princeton Review.)

This anthology is the culmination of a contest we ran at Becker over the 2015-2016 school year. The theme: the translation of a game experience into narrative form. What exactly does this mean? Well, certainly not video game fan fiction.

Students were challenged to translate a game "experience," whether from the point of view of a player, a character in the game, a system or AI from the game, or even the computer or device it is being run on into a narrative form. Contest participants were challenged to write a piece that could be read as a story in and of itself, while hinting at the fact that it is taking place in a game. A gamer might instantly recognize the game elements, while a non-gamer might not. Another twist is that the "game" could not be an established intellectual property or game currently in existence (as either of these would clearly infringe on any number of legal rights.) Thus, they had to use their own IPs for games not yet published or even purchased for publication.

As usual, this book is available through Amazon,, and other online retailers, as well as for special order through bricks-and-mortar stores.

Special thanks to our contributors:

Dr. Paul Cotnoir, Associate Dean of the School of Design and Technology at Becker College for the Foreword; Melissa Smith for her 1st place short fiction submission, Yield; Connor Boyd for his 1st place flash fiction submission, Cleric of Thieves; Shiva Mendonca for his runner-up short fiction submission, The Forest; Max Dagesse for his runner-up flash fiction submission, The Emerald Gemspark; Karen Layman for her guest author and illustrator submission, Talismans and Trouble; Prof. Jonathan Rudder for his faculty fiction submission, Dynamic: A New Reality (first published in the RudderHaven Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology, Vol IV); Prof. Scott Niemi for his faculty cover art submission.

This year's contest, soon to be locally announced, promises to be an even larger project.

Kickstarter Project Kicks Off 11/28/2015

This week, we launched our first Kickstarter project: a tabletop fantasy role-playing game entitled The Shattered Earth. Our goal is to be Beta-test ready for GenCon Indy 2016 and release-ready by Christmas 2016. We're only two days into the Kickstarter - with no official notice - and already have backers.

More information about this project can be found here: