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About RudderHaven
RudderHaven is a family owned and operated publishing company based in Granite City, IL. Founded as Athor Productions in the year 2000, the company has recently undergone a restructuring initiative and is looking to establish relationships with new authors and artists, offering publication solutions through both traditional, royalty-based imprints and a pay-per-title imprint, editing and proofreading services, and more, with a friendly, personal touch.
The Benefits of Publishing with RudderHaven
There are many benefits to publishing with RudderHaven, including:

  • ​Competitive royalties: For traditional contracts, you receive 15% royalties on the profits per copy sold . . . until the publishing costs are paid off, at which point you receive 50% royalties on the profits per copy sold (the amount above the publication costs.)
  • Flexible Formats: We can publish books in a variety of sizes in both trade paperback and hardback, as well as color or traditional black & white.
  • A Personal Touch: We will work with you in a way a large, mass-market publisher can't. Our authors are not clients . . . they're family.
  • Wholesale Discount: Authors receive a 55% discount on orders of their own books . . . the same discount that booksellers and distributors receive.